Yosef Kevin Yonathan

Ruby on Rails Developer

Yosef Kevin Yonathan

I work as a full-time-freelance web developer, with currently focus on Ruby on Rails and NodeJS.


About Me

About Me- Yosef Kevin Yonathan Hi, I'm Yosef Kevin Yonathan, a freelance Ruby on Rails developer based on Indonesia (UTC +7). I have worked using Ruby on Rails since 2010 and now, still work with it extensively. Earlier, I usually used Rails 2.3.x and now oftenly use Rails 4.1. Whether you need to continue and enhance existing project or create new web application from scratch, I'm available to hire.

I am a full-time-freelance web developer with some professional experiences, focused on Ruby on Rails technology stacks. Currently I works on various project using Ruby on Rails and NodeJS.

  • Devise - for register/login system
  • Cucumber, rSpec, factory_girl - for testing purpose
  • whenever, delayed_job, sidekiq - for background job need
  • will_paginate - for paginating long list to some pages
  • friendly_id - for making the URL of application more search engine friendly
  • paperclip - for handling uploaded file
  • thinking-sphinx, flying-sphinx - for search engine purpose, especially for application deployed on Heroku

I have developed some web applications from scratch with Ruby on Rails. Additionally, I also used some of popular gems such . . .

Beside working on back-end, I usually hand on building front-end with HTML, CSS and some Javascript or jQuery.

Before focusing on Ruby on Rails, I also have experiences in developing web applications with PHP and CakePHP in my earlier days as web developer. Still in relation with PHP, I also have experience to build web portal with Wordpress CMS. Almost of them are local sites in Indonesia.

My other specialties are working directly with SQL on those DBMS: MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Recently, I also just gained experience with NodeJS.