Add Widget to Blogger Mobile Template

Sometimes ago I add new widget to my blogger template. However the widget doesn't show up in mobile template. I have added this attribute to it : mobile='yes', but it still doesn't show up on my mobile template.

Is this one of Blogger bugs? I don't think so. I read the article that provides the tutorial to customize blogger mobile template on I read it more carefully and I get it. I find the problem that prevent the widget to be showed up on my mobile template.

What is the problem. This is is a simple problem, but it's critical. Sometimes, a simple problem can be critical one if you don't notice it carefully, just like me. The problem is I use default mobile template. Blogger team said : select “Custom” from the “Choose mobile template” pulldown.

If you're still using old Dashboard, just like me, you can select this custom mobile template by going to Settings tab. In Settings tab, you'll find Email & Mobile link. Click that link and you'll see something like the image below.

Select that drop down menu, and choose Custom. Then don't forget to save it by clicking Save button at the bottom of the page. Now, all of your widget with mobile='yes' attribute will be shown on your blogger mobile template.