Best Web Hosting for Ruby On Rails Application

As a programmer who works using Ruby On Rails, I have some experiences with some web hosting in deploying Rails application. However, in this post I will only mention the best web hosting among them. From my experience so far, Heroku is the one. Why ?
There are some reasons why I choose Heroku as the best web hosting for application which is built using Ruby On Rails. 
  1. Heroku platform is already integrated with git , one of my favourite source code control. It really helps a lot in application development.
  2. Heroku platform provides simple ways to install required gems. As developer, I didn't need to run bundle install manually to install all required gems. It's already done when pushing the application to Heroku.
  3. Heroku also provides many add-on to support our application. For example, they provide memcached add-on to speed-up our application loading.
  4. Heroku provides simple commands to us in debugging our application such : heroku logs, heroku restart, heroku rake db:migrate, heroku console.
  5. Heroku provides free account feature too.
With those facts above, if you're still looking for web hosting for your Ruby On Rails application, I suggest you to give it a try.

Disclaimer : This post has nothing to do with Heroku. I'm not promoting them either. I just share my experience so far related with web hosting for Ruby On Rails Application. And it told me that Heroku is the best one.