Payoneer Refer a Friend Program

If you haven't heard about Payoneer, then you can read it about them here. In short, they are a company who provides you with online payment solution in a form of prepaid MasterCard debit card. And it works just like other prepaid MasterCard debit card. You can withdraw the money anywhere in the world through ATM with MasterCard logo. 

And the good news is now Payoneer offered "Refer a Friend" program. How did it work and how to join it ?

In short, it works like this : you refer your friend to use Payoneer, and you'll earn $25 for each qualified referrals. Not only that, your referred friend will earn $25 as well. You can see the details how it works by reading its Terms of Service here.

If you're interested to join that program and earn $25 for each qualified referral on you Payoneer card, here are the steps you need to do :
  1. Apply for Payoneer debit card, if you haven't applied for it, you can apply it there.
  2. If you're already Payoneer cardholder, you can sign up for that program here
  3. After you have signed up for the program, you will be presented by very user friendly interface to spread your words through email, Facebook, and Twitter
Is it really that simple ? Yes , it is. Additionally, you can also promote your referral link through your site or blog. However, keep in mind to follow the rules as mentioned on their TOS.

What about if you're not US Resident ? I'm not US Resident either. And according to their Terms, we're no eligible to join this program. However , I have confirmed about this here. As you read :  Please note that the Refer a Friend program is open to you and Payoneer cardholders around the world.

Why should you sign up using my referral link ?
Because you will receive that $25 too when you receive payment $100 to your Payoneer card. Isn't that great ?

Have other questions ? 
Suggest you to read their Frequently Asked Question page there. Still unclear ? Feel free to contact me.