How to Reset Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop

I have used Ubuntu since 2008. At that time, I used Ubuntu 9. But now I use Ubuntu 10.10 or Ubuntu Maverick. I have a habit to customize my Desktop appearance. Unfortunately, after customizing many items on my Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop, I lost some shortcut menus. Not only that, I also didn't like the appearance I've customized. I prefer the default one, with many default menu there. It's easier to use it with default Desktop appearance. And here are the steps I've done to reset my Ubuntu 10.10 desktop to its default appearance.

First, I press Ctrl + Alt + F1. Beware! Before doing this, read this post until the end. If you press those buttons now, you'll lose your Desktop and you'll get the full-screen console (terminal).

Second, login on the console as usual with your username and passsword. Make sure you entered them correctly. After that, you should run the following commands :

rm -r .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity

If running such command failed, I suggest you to run it separately. In my case, there is only .gconf file only. And because there is only that file, that's the only file I removed. So, don't worry if you got something like : "No such file or directory .gnome", just ignore it and run the next command (assuming you run it separately).

At last, you have to reboot or restart your machine by this command : sudo reboot. Type your password correctly and wait until the reboot is done. Login to your desktop as usual and you will see it has been reset to its default appearance.