How to Get Single Name on Facebook

Warning : This tutorial may be outdated in the future, depending on how Facebook updates their system, so use them at your own risk (that is : use them wisely). 

Ever wondering why you can see some people display only one word on their Facebook name ? Just follow the following steps :

  • Login to your Facebook account, go to Account Settings.
  • Change Language into Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Change your name at the top section , it usually says "Name" but it must be changed to Nama.
  • Delete your last name on the next of Nama Belakang.
  • Insert your desired name on the field for First Name --- I don't quite remember what's the label.
  • Click save and you're done.
Don't forget to change back the Language to your original Language. Now, look at your Facebook profile. It should display the name you have inserted before, in single word.

However, this blog and the owner didn't take any responsibility for any effects that may happened with your Facebook account. Although so far, my Facebook account is still going well. In the future, who knows what happens.