PHPFox : Write CSS for Homepage only

This is one of trick I found when encountering some problem with PHPFox. My problem is removing or hiding a HTML element on homepage only. While that element should be kept existed/shown on other pages. Looking for solution with phrase "PHPFox check url" or "PHPFox check if a page is homepage" didn't go well. At last, I come up with this trick : utilizing CSS.

First, assuming you're using its default theme, you should open this file : welcome.css inside this path /your_PHPFox_path/theme/frontend/default/style/default/css/welcome.css. Add your customed CSS there for hiding an element on homepage only. CSS placed on that file will work only on homepage (the main page after user logged in on PHPFox apps).

This trick will have some advantages :
  • You don't need to mess up with PHPFox core module or codes -- especially if you're not familiar with PHP codes.
  • Simple, you only need to add such "display:none" on the element on homepage you want to hide.
  • Your CSS kept on .css file, not mess up inside HTML file.
Wanna try PHPFox, you can get it there.