Update for Heroku commands

As time goes by, many changes happened. That also applied for some of Heroku commands. In this post, I intend to give an updated command for Heroku. So, please reference to this post : 10 useful Heroku commands for Ruby on Rails application, before you're going to continue reading the rest.

heroku console
This command has been updated to those ones (depend on your application stack used):
heroku run -a my-app script/rails console #for Bamboo stack
heroku run console --app my-app #for Cedar stack

If you don't know or not sure the stack of your Heroku application, you can run the following command for showing the stack of your Heroku app:
heroku stack --app my-app #the one with * is the stack of your Heroku app.

heroku rake
That command has been updated to:
heroku run rake
For other commands, I may update on this post in the future or write it in the new post.