Today, I finally decided to update this personal blog. My choice is using Jekyll. So far, it’s very fast and easy to use (from a technical person’s point of view). It also supports markdown and HTML for the markup language. I have not explored it very deeply but here are what I have found so far . . .

  • It does not work easily with Heroku. I need about half hour to make it run smoothly on Heroku. There are some alternatives to make it work. One of them is using this gem.
  • If you want to use it with puma or unicorn, that gem will help you too.
  • The standard theme looks good to me, and I know there are some other beautiful themes built for Jekyll.
  • It has simple file structure and creating a post or standalone page inside your blog are very simple and straightforward.
  • It’s built with Ruby language - which is beautiful.